Sunday, March 16, 2008


Mister Valéry puts the heavy things right in the middle of his house. He carries them whit both is hands, left and right.
"Os dois lados" texto a partir de "O Senhor Valéry" de Gonçalo m. Tavares
Publicado na editorial
Caminho 2007


Christine said...

I love the colours on this one, and the split image:)

redcatdance said...

I really like this. Very intriguing. makes me wonder why he carries them all the way to the middle? Why carry them at all?

Hmmm. Nice work.

Reeko said...

Really interesting drawing...

Pajara Pinta said...

Hello Rachel!

From now on I'm a fan of your work!!!! I found you through IF and fell in love with your collages immediately! so much I posted about you and your blog and shop in my blog! Please come and check it out!!!!

Leave you a big hug!

I'll come back soon!